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Posted by Poly Bernatene

As work

Posted by Poly Bernatene
How to work! I chose a picture of the book “through walls” to display it.
First, usually very quickly I approach the tone of the book, to see how comprehensively will be allocated space for text, composition, the weights of the illustrations, where bullets are all sorts of directions and do more dynamic reading of the text both how the image. Also at this stage nothing is final, is like a memory aid for the images I have in my head that are going to go after adjusting as I go.
The next step is to pull a sketch (or mess) of the image, which is not always definite, as seen here suggested the mirror is facing the right side of buildings in thumbnail.

In this case I needed to document myself, here are some images I found to the final composition.

Step into the pen clean end, finally opted for the mirror lying to the left along with all the artwork.
From here I do everything on the computer, with Photoshop! Scanning and apply the pencil (on multiply layer) on a previously textured handmade.

I base color with some lights that will serve for the final palette.

This planted a shadow level (layer in multiply).

Once planted the light and shadow to paint step above all this base color with photoshop brushes created by me, pastels or pencils type according to need, like the traditional way to give the volumes and final details.

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