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digging through boxes and drawers I found some historic ‘ducks’, probably from 1988 / 1989, – ALFRED JODOCUS KWAK. the concept had been developed by dutch entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN, HARALD SIEPERMANN and myself did all the thousands of drawings for 3 comic books, 4 educational books, the storyboards and style-designs for a 52-episode tv series ( produced in japan ) as well as tons of drawings for the connected merchandise ( about 400 different products available in some bigger stores and QUELLE at that time ). there was no photoshop, it all had to be drawn with steel-nibs and chinese ink on some white sheets called ‘paper’ and colored with extremely life threatening chemicals out of funny looking felt-sticks. I know from my students that these little unknown details have to be explained to a younger generation…

© van veen / siepermann / bacher

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Vietnamese Floor

Đi le te mới thấy Văn hóa Việt Nam mình rất ngộ, rất tổng hợp :”>

Trò chuyện ban trưa, chủ đề hôm nay là: FLOOR của các nước chúng ta =))

PBK: rất ngộ là t phát hiện ra TQ xài Floor giống Anh. 1st Floor = ground Floor

Alex: Ờ, đúng, trong khi Mỹ zà Pháp tụi t, Ground floor là ground floor, trên ground floor là 1st floor

SB: thiệt là quái gỡ! Làm sao  Ground floor = 1st Floor được!

Loyal: Nói túm lại là Ground Floor của TQ = 1st floor của Anh và 2nd floor của TQ = 1st floor của Pháp và Hà Lan. Vậy đi!

bla bla bla…..

K [cười trong bụng] Zị là VN mình là nhất! Mình có TẦNG và mình có LẦU. TẦNG TRỆT của mình là TẦNG 1 và = ground floor và 1st floor của TQ và Anh. LẦU 1 của mình = 1st floor của Mỹ, Hà Lan và Pháp. Hé hé hé hé!



blah blah blah…..

PBK: Nước mài xao K?

K:…..[nói sao trời hỡi…tiếng lòng gào thét]….ờ tụi teo xài cả 2


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Posted by Poly Bernatene

As work

Posted by Poly Bernatene
How to work! I chose a picture of the book “through walls” to display it.
First, usually very quickly I approach the tone of the book, to see how comprehensively will be allocated space for text, composition, the weights of the illustrations, where bullets are all sorts of directions and do more dynamic reading of the text both how the image. Also at this stage nothing is final, is like a memory aid for the images I have in my head that are going to go after adjusting as I go.
The next step is to pull a sketch (or mess) of the image, which is not always definite, as seen here suggested the mirror is facing the right side of buildings in thumbnail.

In this case I needed to document myself, here are some images I found to the final composition.

Step into the pen clean end, finally opted for the mirror lying to the left along with all the artwork.
From here I do everything on the computer, with Photoshop! Scanning and apply the pencil (on multiply layer) on a previously textured handmade.

I base color with some lights that will serve for the final palette.

This planted a shadow level (layer in multiply).

Once planted the light and shadow to paint step above all this base color with photoshop brushes created by me, pastels or pencils type according to need, like the traditional way to give the volumes and final details.

Copyright 2006 Poly Bernatene
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a ‘merry christmas’ to everybody who is celebrating the event. for this special occasion I want to show you a selection of designs for several animated feature films created over the past fifteen years by some of the best in their field. PAUL FELIX and a few of his many masterful pencil sketches for disney’s MULAN, as well as some of his paintings and drawings for the shelved SNOW QUEEN project. further MARCELO VIGNALI with his beautiful visuals for MULAN and CHEN-YI CHENG’S ancestor group for the ‘mushu’s awakening’ sequence in MULAN. finally two more stunning jungle action scenes for TARZAN by JOHN WATKISS, and some of the amazing layout work for BALTO created by one of the best layout artists, now animator – BOLHEM BOUCHIBA. I hope you enjoy this very special gallery of the masters – happy holidays.

© disney enterprises, inc
© universal…

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here we go – another year. hopefully a good one, – I doubt it – too many dark clouds on the horizon! anyway, I want to start the BLOG-year with some beautiful artwork, already over fifty years old but for me better than most of the film-design artwork I see today. the disney animated feature film 101 DALMATIANS was released january 25, 1961, the first of the disney films that had a very different style. the animation was xeroxed and showed for the first time most of the original drawings of the animators. the corresponding backgrounds matched the loose lines of the animation perfect, the background details in line were xeroxed as well and the cels placed over the slightly offset gouache colored backgrounds. stylistically a masterpiece. following are a few layout drawings with the recreated backgrounds.

© disney enterprises, inc

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