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Tuzki Philosophy

A little intro about Tuzki 兔斯基:
It’s a popular character created by the China, MoMo Wang who loves to record her inspirations and feelings by drawing them. She uses simple black and white line to draw a bunny to illustrates her expression of feelings and thoughts in life.

I love Tuzki because I always feel like I can’t agree more with the life philosophy illustrates by this character. The illustration of life by Tuzki always fits exactly with what’s on my mind, especially the unique thoughts and hidden emotions that it delivers to me. You must read Tuzki’s comics because you might feel the same way with me too 🙂

If there’s no light, then lit a lamp.
If there’s no door, then open a window.
If there’s no road, then build a bridge.
If there’s no miracle, then create one.
The advantage of always telling the truth is, nobody will find out your occasional lie.
The disadvantage of always telling the lies is, nobody will take your word for it even when you tell the truth.
If that’s impossible for us to attach to each other, so that means we are not fated.
If we are not fated, then there will be nothing to regret if we are not meant to be together.
If you don’t even cherish yourself, then the others will not cherish you even more.
Jealousy is a knife
Eventually it’s either stabbed the others or stabbed in your heart.
Do not do onto others what you would not have them do onto you.
Hope you don’t mind on the bad translation with my limited vocabulary.- reference from the internet –

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