klbc, klbc is ms.K, me, Office


TT__________TT not only sadness today…

😦 And I have 2 months to become the perfect layout artist, ready for a new script…After 2 month, you’ll see a crazy girl =)) for creating Character Expression. I hope I could become some “Perfection limited” of  someone lives somewhere….

And ’cause you said “You will…” and ’cause of someone said that “If you couldn’t become who you want, then become who they need”…I try all my best…’cause myself and ’cause you thought so TT_________TT.

In the end of day, thank you so much for the question, it’s my thankful. Seem it’s not a very good at level in the begining but  not too bad, right? You know, I tried but nothing blink in my mind, have no any question! Stupid K :(( Empty mind.

>…< Take care and do your best (for both of us) 😦

– Everything is OK?

– It’s OK.



Tui đang học anh  zăn nin là xin lảu ai đọc cái nùi cùi  mía nài đừg cóa chửi tạu. Thấy sai  thì nói tui sửa y nhoa! Kám ơn đồg bào quan tem 😦


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