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Shanghai World Expo 2010 Pavilion

The 25 Best

01. British Pavilion


02. Canadian Pavilion


03. South Korean Pavilion


04. Polish Pavilion


05. Russian Pavilion



for the International Exhibition Shanghai 2010

Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue
Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Location: SHANGHAI
Site area: 6465,80 m2
Bldg. area: 5169,60 m2
Gross floor area: 10951,06 m2
Structure: Iron
Exterior finishing: wicker, etfe, glass
Interior finishing: bamboo, wicker, wood, dry wall
Design Year (period): 2007-2008
Completion: 2010


07. German Pavilion


08. Japanese Pavilon

Theme: Harmony of the Hearts, Harmony of the Skills
Highlights: Breathing Organism
National Pavilion Day: 12 June
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone A of the Expo site

The theme of the Japan Pavilion is “WA—Harmony of the Hearts, Harmony of the Skills.”
In addition to technology, cooperation between individuals transcending national borders is essential for solving the various global environmental problems and other challenges.

The Japan Pavilion showcases environmental conservation activities as well as Japanese culture of harmonious coexistence with nature; exhibits include the cutting-edge technologies in robotics, environment, video and other fields. Visitors can also enjoy a live show whose theme is the crested ibis, protected through joint cooperation between Japan and China.

Opening hours

  • open: 9:30
  • close: 22:30
    All visitors are asked to leave our pavilion by the closing time

* Opening time and closing time may change without notice.
* If a number of visitors are waiting in line, there is a possibility that you can not enter our pavilion even though you come to our pavilion before the closing time. (for example, when you come to our pavilion at 18:30, if there is already a 3-hour waiting line for admission, then you can not enter our pavilion even if you wait in line.)
* Usually, after approximately 21:30 (the time might change, so please ask the staff), we only open the exhibition part to the visitors and you see neither the Pre Show, which includes a demonstration of Partner Robot, Wonder Camera, and Life Wall, nor the Main Show.
* Under some circumstances, there is a possibility that we cancel our Pre-Show and Main Show without notice.


Japan Pavilion is located about 250 meters away from the Gate 4 or L4 ferry port, and about 800 meters away from the Expo Axis (China Pavilion). For further details, please refer to the map of the expo site (in Chinese).

Notes on visiting the Japan Pavilion

  • It takes about 60 minutes to see the whole contents of our pavilion.
  • There is no toilet within our pavilion. Therefore, please use toilet in the expo site before visiting our pavilion.
  • There are escalators in the Japan Pavilion; visitors in wheelchairs are requested to enter the pavilion via the special wheelchair entrance. Visitors with baby strollers should use the general entrance.
  • Visitors over 75 years of age and those with a physical disability that prevents them from walking may use the barrier-free passageway (via the Green Passageway) after showing identification. Please be aware that only one caregiver per person is allowed.
  • The stamp of our pavilion is located in a part of the waiting space. We can not help you get the stamp after you pass the area, therefore please do not forget to get the stamp when you pass the area.
  • Japan Pavilion prohibits visitors from smoking, eating, drinking, taking photo / motion picture, or using mobile phone within our pavilion.

09.  Saudi Arabian Pavilion

10. French Pavilion

11. Swiss Pavilion

12. American Pavilion

13. Romanian Pavilion

14. Icelandic Pavilion

15. Australian Pavilion

16. Singaporean Pavilion

17. Taiwanese Pavilion

18. Thai Pavilion

19. Finnish Pavilion

20. Turkish Pavilion

21. Chilean Pavilion

22. Brazilian Pavilion

23. Chinese Pavilion

24. Greek Pavilion

25. Czech Pavilion

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